1. This is not an invoice. This is a solicitation to order a listing in an online Yellow Page Directory published on the website www.yellowpagesunited.com.
  2. This is a featured listing that ranks above regular listings in search results on www.yellowpagesunited.com.
  3. Additionally, your listing will be added to www.BizYellow.com, which provides a customizable, search engine optimized webpage designed to be found in several major search engines.
  4. This is a nationally offered, online yellow pages publication. United Directories, Inc. is not affiliated or associated with AT&T, YP, LLC, YellowPages.com, The Real Yellow Pages®, any Bell company and/or your local telephone company. It does not publish the white and yellow pages customarily distributed in your area. This publication is not distributed to all telephone subscribers in your region and is solely available online through the world wide web.
  5. United Directories attempts to accommodate all customer heading changes or requests, however, we reserve the right to assign headings as we deem appropriate.
  6. With respect to any error or omission in the publication of or failure to publish any listing in the directory, the liability of United Directories and its respective agents shall be limited to the charges for the listing. No adjustments shall be made to the listing charges for the reason of suspension or termination of customer’s telephone service or modification of address due to relocation.
  7. United Directories warrants only that the listing be published in the online telephone directory, and no other warranty, express or implied, including warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose is made or represented.
  8. United Directories expressly disclaims any responsibility for consequential and/or special damages. United Directories’ liability is limited to listing charges you paid for the listing published or to be published.
  9. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. This agreement is performable at United Directories’ address located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
  10. This agreement shall not be assigned or transferred without the express written prior consent of the publisher.
  11. The directory listing specified on the face of this agreement is for inclusion in the online edition. All listings are automatically renewed twice per year and will receive a renewal invoice unless notification of cancellation is received within the current subscription period. Cancellations will be accepted at any time during a subscription period. Listing renewal rates are subject to change. Listings are updated within seven days of completed order.
  12. The current listing fee is $396.00 for one listing. To change payment method or stop future billings and cancel service, please contact the publisher at 866-355-6101 or via mail. Unpaid accounts will incur a 10% late charge. Any credits will be applied to the next subscription period. All listing extras added to www.yellowpagesunited.com listing only. United Directories’ receipt of this order constitutes acceptance of this offer. Your listing will be omitted if you do not return this Directory Listing Order Form.
  13. Arbitration Required for all Disputes, Class Action Waiver: The parties agree to submit any dispute relating to this order to binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Jurisdiction and applicable law shall exclusively be Florida, and the parties agree to waive all rights to class proceedings and representative actions. The award of the arbitrators shall be the sole and exclusive remedy between the parties. Please see www.yellowpagesunited.com/arbitration for full arbitration clause.

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