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Special Weather Statement

Our call center is based in Florida, and due to the impacts of Major Hurricane Dorian, we may at times lose power throughout the duration of the storm. If this occurs, our phone systems will be out of service until power is restored. If you receive a busy signal when calling our call center, we have lost power. Please email any concerns to cs@yellowpagesunited.com. We hope that everyone stays safe during this serious situation.

Please bear with us as we take safety measures regarding the coronavirus. Here's what we're doing:

Until further notice, we're holding invoices for businesses hardest hit.

We can answer some calls, but we'll have limited capacity while we work out remote solutions and new business hours. This should get better during the coming days.

Live chat on our website will be available during new business hours.

You can do just about anything with your account online. Just go to yellowpagesunited.com/login You'll need your invoice number and zip code.

If you are able to pay for your listing with us during this time, please do. We are a small business and it helps us keep the lights on and take care of our employees. It is greatly appreciated. If not, that’s okay too. We know these are difficult times.

Our people are family to us. Thanks again for your support.


The Yellow Pages United Business Process

Our process is designed to help you promote your company online through our YellowPagesUnited.com site and through BizYellow, a great new way to have a search engine-optimized, mobile-friendly web page for your business.

We have a simple five-step process for doing business with you. The forms shown below are representative of the types of forms we send and may not match yours exactly. Here's how our process works:


Yellow Pages United sends the order form

We send mail to business owners like you, inviting you to place an order for a Yellow Pages United listing. The package you received contained the order form and an order reply card in an outer envelope.

On the form is all of the information about the offer, including the cost and terms of having a listing on YellowPagesUnited.com and BizYellow.com, plus the information about your business for the listing itself. Anyone who doesn’t want to be listed can simply discard the order form.


Completing and returning the order form

Recipients of the order form who would like to be listed on YellowPagesUnited.com and BizYellow.com complete the order reply card and make any changes or additions that may be needed.

The order form is then signed and returned to us to begin the order process. To place your order now, create an account online.

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Processing your Yellow Pages United order

Once Yellow Pages United receives your completed order reply card, we date-stamp it, scan it and enter it into our system. The scanned copy is used on the invoices we send so that you’ll have a copy of the order you placed.

We make any revisions or additions you requested on the order form, such as your fax or toll-free number, email information and website address. With this, the ordering portion of the process is complete. For specifics on the order form, visit our order form options page.


Invoicing for your listing

We send invoices only to customers who have completed and returned the order form. The first invoice is mailed in approximately 30 days from the time your order was entered into our system. Subscriptions automatically renew every 6 months from order submission date, unless otherwise requested.

The invoice includes all of your account activity, such as current billing cycle, business information, payment history, the scanned copy of your order and subscription information. Ready to pay your invoice? Make a payment now.

Online Publication


Publishing your listing on YellowPagesUnited.com

The business information you provided on your order form is published on two websites: YellowPagesUnited.com, our online business directory, and BizYellow.com, which gives you your own search-engine optimized web page at no additional charge.

Find your business on BizYellow

BizYellow web pages are included at no additional cost with all Yellow Pages United subscriptions